Posted by: chronicler55 | August 5, 2009

“Socialist Snitches” to report web health Obamacare critics to White House

 The Obama administration has requested that Obamanites inform on those blogging who sayng questionable things about Obama’s health care reform, by sending the quotes and website addresses to the administration.  A former journalist, Linda Douglass recruited

Conservatives take them up on their request. Michelle Malkin writes, “Send Obama his own propaganda. He’s asked you to.”

Malkin on Health Care Propagandafest.

 Help Out the Internet Snitch Brigade (and incidentally flood their inboxes.)

Additional coverage of the story: Fire Andrea Mitchell

Well, they want you to report on anything “on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy.” I sent this post and other anti-husseincare posts For those of you with blogs against this, feel free to send your posts there too and “snitch on yourselves“. Also, for any libtards out there, feel free to send all my posts to the e-mail above too so.



Pronk Palisaides calls the Obamanites “Socialist Snitches” (the new SS– well done) Outdone only by Glenn Beck in his Lederhosen!

YahooNewsvia Drudge

If this administration isn’t worrying you yet, you aren’t paying attention.

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