Posted by: chronicler55 | October 3, 2009

Fox News Airs a Special on ACORN

As well as revealing the connection between ACORN and Barack Obama. “I’ve been working along side ACORN on issues you care about my entire career,” to quote Obama.

Megyn Kelly does a face to face interview with Wade Rathke who started this despicable organization. There are film clips of riots, proof of intimidation and extortion, and shows how Rathke’s brother embezzled one million dollars, and they hushed it up.

Then there is the voter fraud.  And on and on…




  1. Judging Obama by his actions: Fair.
    Judging ACORN by ACORN’s actions: Fair.
    Judging Obama by ACORN’s actions: Unfair.

    I am not responsible for the actions of everyone I cross paths with. Neither are you. Neither is the president.

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