Posted by: chronicler55 | October 3, 2009

Obama tries his charm on the Olympic Committee

Michelle Obama and Oprah flew to Copenhagen, joined by Mayor Richard Daley and Chicago’s Olympic presenters. The President of the United States flew to Copenhagen the next day for a full court press to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

The Chicago Press had been full of cronyism stories, detailing where the millions of dollars would go, if Chicago got the Olympics. The national press never picked up the story, which is understandable only in light of the lengths the national press would go to support the desires of Barack Obama no matter what he wants to do.

Whether the Olympic committee had been reading the Chicago papers, or for another reason, the Obama “Yes we can!” slogan this time couldn’t. The committee eliminated Chicago on the first round.

The committee sent the 2016 Olympics to Rio, giving South America its first chance to host the games.   This seems a just decision for this reason.


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