Posted by: chronicler55 | November 29, 2009

Iran Responds to World- We will develop 10 New Nuclear Enrichment Facilities

Israeli response to Iran…

 To quote Obama…Yes, we can destroy their nuclear capability; Yes, we must destroy them, and Yes, we will if we have to.

An Israeli minister giving an interview on Fox News says that Israel definitely hopes that diplomatic action by the world will change Iran’s course of action (although today’s announcement from Tehran makes that unlikely), but if it does not, and if the United States and the West take no action (and I would be shocked if Obama did so) Israel WILL DO IT THEMSELVES.

December, he said is the month of decision. Happy Holidays, folks.



  1. I am more afraid of Obama than I am the Islamic Terrorist! While they have only taken out a few of us, Obama is going to take out the entire economy!

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