This is a blog by and for conservatives to discuss matters of interest to us, and how best to proceed in the future.  Among the ideas which will eventually be discussed are:
  • The appointment of strict constructionist judges to the federal courts.
  • Borders -Amnesty must not be accorded to those who break United States law.
  • The  Supreme Court was correct in ruling (5-4) that the Second Amendment to the Constitution means exactly what it says.
  •  A comprehensive energy plan including the immediate drilling for oil in the United States.
  •  Important social issues such as abortion and the meaning of marriage should be decided by the people and the several states, and not the courts.
  • Freedom of Religion means the freedom to practice your religion, not that our society must be free from religion.
  • The Supreme Court decision granting habeas corpus rights to terrorists (5-4), which could result in the release of terrorists in the middle of a U. S. city jeopardizes American lives.






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