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Hannity Part V

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Hannity Part IV

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Part III

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Part II Hannity

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Hannity Special on BHO’s past

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At least George W. didn’t say this

Wee-weed Up? Can you imagine if W. had said this in public?

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Newsweek Becomes Even More Liberal (IF possible)

August 24 Issue of Newsweek Magazine pushes the envelope of far left propaganda.  One article lionizes the late term abortionist that has taken over the abortions that the late Dr. Tiller would have performed.  The article is titled, “The Abortion Evangelist,” probably because late term abortion isn’t disgusting enough the way it is. The article discusses how much the abortionist cared for his “close friend.” This was the doctor who gave Tiller his legally required second opinion on the abortions–over the phone.  The article recounts the suicidal rape victim who wanted a late term abortion. There is no explanation as to why it took her eight months to realize that she had been raped. It’s a jaw dropping read.

This issue continues with an article on Obamacare that could have been and probably was written by the White House. Titled “Attack! The truth about Obamacare” the article reminds me of the old Russian saying about Pravda, “There is no pravda in Pravda” (Or there is no truth in Truth.)  Newsweek claims that it is a lie that “illegal aliens will receive taxpayer funded benefits.” Now it is perfectly obvious that the 40 million, or 45 million, or 50 million– the number creeps up as the liberals grow more strident– uninsured contain between 12 and 20 million non-citizens.  All amendments to the bills that require citizenship as a condition of being covered by the insurance were voted down by the dems. Surely Newsweek knows this, but they report the White House line without correcting it.  They also deny that there will be any rationing– when every single existing Socialist health care system rations care.

A real zinger… they quote a linguist from Berkeley who says that the phrase, ” government takeover” evokes the government as “inefficient, self-serving, paternalistic entity.” Well, gee! I wonder why?  No one from Berkeley could have a bias, surely!

By page 50 the artlice is entitled, “What you need to know NOW”. It leads “1. Aliens Exist.” Um-humm. They’re probably at Berekeley.


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Back to the Conservative Trenches

A quick visit to the West Coast visiting family followed by some organization as the school year stars up again has delayed my blogging. Back into the Conservative trenches as we try and save the country.

 The Obama administration has requested that Obamanites inform on those blogging who sayng questionable things about Obama’s health care reform, by sending the quotes and website addresses to the administration.  A former journalist, Linda Douglass recruited

Conservatives take them up on their request. Michelle Malkin writes, “Send Obama his own propaganda. He’s asked you to.”

Malkin on Health Care Propagandafest.

 Help Out the Internet Snitch Brigade (and incidentally flood their inboxes.)

Additional coverage of the story: Fire Andrea Mitchell

Well, they want you to report on anything “on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy.” I sent this post and other anti-husseincare posts For those of you with blogs against this, feel free to send your posts there too and “snitch on yourselves“. Also, for any libtards out there, feel free to send all my posts to the e-mail above too so.



Pronk Palisaides calls the Obamanites “Socialist Snitches” (the new SS– well done) Outdone only by Glenn Beck in his Lederhosen!

YahooNewsvia Drudge

If this administration isn’t worrying you yet, you aren’t paying attention.

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What “Unexpectedly” Killed anti-ACORN Activist?

On July 29th, Nancy Armstrong, Tea-Party Movement Activist, ACORN investigator, blogger and patriot, “unexpectedly” passed away. Nancy was a Hillary Clinton supporter, who according to the American Spectator, “became disillusioned with the Democratic Party and left it last year.”

She was a prolific blogger on her MsPlaced Democrat blog, and reported extensively on ACORN’s corruption and voter registration fraud cases.  She was a strong critic of the Obama administration, a Navy veteran, and a strong supporter of veteran’s rights.

Nancy Armstrong was in her forties, and was posting blogs up through the 27th of July. She passed away the morning of the 29th, as her children posted– “unexpectedly.”

 This is very convenient for ACORN and the administration, and I doubt they are grieving this loss. If, during the Bush administration, Cindy Sheehan or Valerie Plame had unexpectedly dropped dead, what would the liberal bloggers say?   Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s odd. I would like to know what killed this woman.

Below, Nancy Armstrong talks to Glenn Beck.

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