Israeli response to Iran…

 To quote Obama…Yes, we can destroy their nuclear capability; Yes, we must destroy them, and Yes, we will if we have to.

An Israeli minister giving an interview on Fox News says that Israel definitely hopes that diplomatic action by the world will change Iran’s course of action (although today’s announcement from Tehran makes that unlikely), but if it does not, and if the United States and the West take no action (and I would be shocked if Obama did so) Israel WILL DO IT THEMSELVES.

December, he said is the month of decision. Happy Holidays, folks.


Mr. David Beamer, the father of Todd Beamer, spoke on FOX News today regarding the appalling decision of Attorney General Eric Holder to bring the five September 11th suspects to a show trial in New York City. Todd Beamer was one of the patriots who sacrificed his life preventing Flight 93 from being used as a weapon of mass destruction on September 11th, 2001. Todd Beamer became famous for saying, “Lets Roll!” as the patriots stormed the cockpit.

David Beamer sat in the Senate as Eric Holder attempted to justify moving the trials of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and others out of the hands of the military tribunals, where KSM was prepared to plead guilty, to federal courts in the city of New York.  It became evident to Mr. Beamer that the “ruling party” in his words, was inclined to give the terrorists the rights of American citizens in an attempt to score points not against the terrorists, but against the Bush Administration.  The terrorists have changed their plea to “Not Guilty” and intend, as Mr. Beamer cautioned, to use the trial to complain about American foreign policy and explain “Why they did it.” 

Mr. Beamer spoke of the millions of dollars that would have to be spent on security. The danger to the citizens of New York (again) as these show criminals use their trial as a propaganda vehicle, the inconvenience of the security searches at metro stations, bus terminals, car searches before crossing bridges, and other difficulties. Most discouraging to him was the bestowing of the rights and privileges of American citizenship on these jihadis who despise everything about American citizenship.

David Beamer called the American people to fight for “regime change” in 2010 and 2012.  His son would have turned 41 this week.

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H1N1 begins to develop resistance to Tamiflu

In several countries including the United States, cases of H1N1 flu have shown to be resistant to Tamiflu reports from AP, Fox News and other sources attest. There have been cases in Wales and Japan as well. How quickly the resistance will spread is an unknown. Virus strains tend to evolve quickly, so this is cause for concern.

I have had the immunization for H1N1 as well as the regular annual flu shot. Neither gave me any difficulties, even arm soreness was minimal.   I hope  my information helps someone to make an informed decision about getting the shot.

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Shooting at Fort Hood Army Post

Three assailants openned fire on soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood.  Seven people are known dead, and twenty others are wounded at last count. The assailants were dressed in fatigues, but the fact that there are three different shooters, one of whom is in custody, two others are loose on the base, leads me to believe that this is something other than a disgruntled or disturbed U.S. soldier. There has been some coordination by someone.

Are these people jihadis?  We do not yet know. 

There was a graduation ceremony at the time, so the post had more non-military people on base than usual.

God preserve our troops!

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Great Changes on the Way for the Chronicle

And in fact for Chronicler!

Stand by for up to date information.

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Fox News Airs a Special on ACORN

As well as revealing the connection between ACORN and Barack Obama. “I’ve been working along side ACORN on issues you care about my entire career,” to quote Obama.

Megyn Kelly does a face to face interview with Wade Rathke who started this despicable organization. There are film clips of riots, proof of intimidation and extortion, and shows how Rathke’s brother embezzled one million dollars, and they hushed it up.

Then there is the voter fraud.  And on and on…


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Obama tries his charm on the Olympic Committee

Michelle Obama and Oprah flew to Copenhagen, joined by Mayor Richard Daley and Chicago’s Olympic presenters. The President of the United States flew to Copenhagen the next day for a full court press to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

The Chicago Press had been full of cronyism stories, detailing where the millions of dollars would go, if Chicago got the Olympics. The national press never picked up the story, which is understandable only in light of the lengths the national press would go to support the desires of Barack Obama no matter what he wants to do.

Whether the Olympic committee had been reading the Chicago papers, or for another reason, the Obama “Yes we can!” slogan this time couldn’t. The committee eliminated Chicago on the first round.

The committee sent the 2016 Olympics to Rio, giving South America its first chance to host the games.   This seems a just decision for this reason.

Wesley Cheeks is caught on video denying first amendment rights to an anti-Obama protester.  This Obama activist in police uniform should be fired.   He obviously believes that he already works for the Obama civilian brown shirt corps.

Those who live by U-tube, can die by U-tube.

Michelle Malkin



 The Constitutional issues.

I received a mailing from William T. Russell, Lt.Col, USAR (Ret.) who ran against John Murtha for the congressional seat has declared his intention to run against Murtha again in 2010. That is the good news.

Murtha’s team did not feel that Williams running against Murtha was good news, and resorted to threats. The mailing quotes Murtha’s Chief of Staff as saying to Williams, “What are you going to  do when we get the new Secretary of the Army seated and have your as# recalled to active duty…”

The mailing goes on to say that Williams former commanding officer has agreed to swear under oath that he has in fact been contacted by John Murtha’s office with regards to “recalling” Williams to active duty. The mailing continues:

This is a bombshell!!
What John Murtha has done is a brazen abuse of power and a threat to the integrity of the Department of Defense and the Congress of the United States.

Also enclosed is an article on Murtha’s relationship to a defense contractor, Kuchera Defense Systems who were awareded a contract for telemetry systems when the company had no experience with making such a system, nor had the security clearances necessary for such developement.

The employees of Kuchera did, however, donate at least $60,000 dollars to Murtha and his PAC since 2002, according to the mailing.

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Hannity Part VI

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